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Ashlea, Owner of In The Meadow

our story

Welcome to In The Meadow, a sustainable floral design company, founded and run by Ashlea, a primary school teacher turned florist.

In The Meadow was established in the summer of 2023, after I finally took the leap to leave my 'day job' and get back to my creative roots. Truth is, I've always been very creative! I've always loved to learn new skills that would enable me to make things with my hands - sewing, knitting, embroidery, ceramics, printing, painting - you name it, I've done it. But I just never really knew what to do with it!  And therefore, after getting a part time job in a local pottery after leaving college, where I ran workshops and parties,  I fell into teaching! 

Whilst teaching brought me lots of joy, and provided some great opportunities to utilise my creativity, I began experiencing a relentless niggle - I wanted a job where I could be fully creative, where I could wake up each morning excited to get stuck into designing and making things with my hands, to bring joy to other people. This was then further exacerbated after each Art or DT lesson, where the children would  often comment "Woah, Mrs Unsworth! You should've been an artist!"

I sat with this niggle for many years and in that time, bought my first house with my husband, where I realised my passion for gardening and flowers. As a little girl , I had spent long summers in my Great Grandma's beautiful cottage garden. I had always admired her love, passion and knowledge of plants and flowers, and it was only as I started pondering what to do with our garden, that I started to realise just how much of this she had passed on to me. 

It was probably during the pandemic, that I first had the thought of venturing into floristry. I had just gotten married and had done the flowers myself! But of course, wrote the idea off as  a pipe dream - told myself "in another life, perhaps!"



So after a huge dollop of courage (or madness, who can really tell the difference?!) I took action! I quit my job and signed up to do an intensive career change course with the wonderful team at Tallulah Rose! And I never looked back!

But then I had my little boy and that changed everything. I wanted my lifestyle to be different but more importantly, I wanted to set an example to my little boy, to show him that you should pursue your passions and chase your dreams! So I was determined to do something about it! 

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